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Happy Leap Day!

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29th February 2020: Leap day!
February 2020

Things to do on Leap Year Day: 29th February 2020!

Vegan Retreats

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UK Vegan Retreats
January 2020

If you want to dip your toes ito the world of veganism, try out some of these UK vegan retreats

12 Days of Christmas

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christmas tree decorated gold white and red
December 2019

We're celebrating 12 Days of Christmas with exciting giveaways, festive recipes and plenty of Christmas crackers, so keep checking back until Christmas Eve to find out what's new! 

The One With the Top 5 Christmas Destinations of 2019

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Edinburgh Christmas Market in Scotland
October 2019

We have collated the top 5 Christmas destinations of 2019 for you and your friends to travel to this festive period.

Does Your Workplace Celebrate Christmas?

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October 2019

Christmas is the perfect time to reward your employees, take a look at these surprising stats on how companies celebrate the festive period.  

A Guide To Surviving Your Office Christmas Party

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Office Christmas Party
October 2019

The annual office Christmas party is coming up, so be prepared for dodgy dancing, festive jumpers and loose lips. Here are some dos and donts when it comes to your office Christmas party…


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